27 Dec 2012

A Bunch Of Covers Volume 1 - Podcast

As we hurtle past the Apocalypse that never happened into 2013 we here at the Fallout shelter thought what better way to end the year than with another Podcast. This one is full of cover versions by Kent bands of other bands, not neccesarily from Kent but a fair few are.

2012 was a pretty good year for Kent punk bands with The Half Wits managing to get out of Kent with a little jaunt over to France as support to The Gonads, fronted by Gary Bushell of The Sun fame.
Ted Dibiase & The Million Dollar Punk Band, Insult, Deano's Hose, Criminal Brainstorm, Surgery Without Research, among others also made it out of Kent some only as far as London but the Kent invasion has begun.

The new Surgery Without Research CD "Vengeance" has just been released along with the new one from Insane Society "Farcebook" . The Warriors, The Last Resort, Anthrax, PCF, Jesus Fix have all released excellent albums this year - some of them reviewed on this blog.
Most of them available at the  URBAN FALLOUT website
Both The Warriors and The Last Resort got to support Rancid on their tour and in The Warriors case CockSparrer as well - nice one.
It has been quite a good year with some top notch punk being put on all over the county and Kent punk being spread over the country.

So what about 2013 for the Kent Punk scene
With albums being threatened by  The Half Wits, Insult, Jesus Fix and Ted Dibiase who have made it onto next years Another Winter Of Discontent at the Boston Arms, 2013 is already looking good. So come on 2013 lets fucking ave it, lets get more bands out of Kent lets get more people into what we love, drag someone along to a gig, hijack their iPods and fill em with punk, play punk at your friends when they come to your house, teach them to play an instrument - lets make 2012 the start of the apunkcalypse and make 2013 wonder what hit it.

Bunch Of Covers Podcast Vol 1

This will probably be the only podcast of covers unless anyone can supply any other covers by kent bands.
There are quite a few unreleased demo's and live tracks here as live is usually the only time you can hear a band play a cover. In the case of Decades Of Pleasure, I have the master recording of this live cover version and there is a tape dip in the middle, it had to be ripped or lost forever.


1. Last Resort - Lest We Forget
2. The Warriors - Eight Pound A Week
3. The Half Wits - John Fila (Live)
4. The Chozen - King Of The Jungle
5. Decades Of Pleasure - Newtown (Live)
6. Tragic Millenium - She's Lost Control (Demo)
7. Jester - Ain't No feeble Bastard
8. WarCrime - When You Are A Martian Church
9. Surgery Without Research - The Model
10. Anarchist Pogo Party - Help
11. The Rivals - Here Comes The Night (Alternative Version)
12. Criminal Brainstorm - This Perfect Day (Demo)
13. Insane Society - Born To Be Wild (Demo)
14. SORB - Tube Disasters
15. Crimewave - Escape (Demo)
16. Insult - Knowledge (Live)
17. Armitage Shanks - Times Up


Thanks to everyone at the Kent Punk Facebook Group  

Downloads, CD's, Vinyl available at URBAN FALLOUT

15 Nov 2012

Jesus Fix & PCF (New CD Releases)

It's been a bit chaotic here as we managed to bring out two Cd's this month and maybe the last until 2013 - maybe. We have also sorted out digital downloads for our releases. More Info below

First up is a "Everdark" the lost first "Jesus Fix" album.
This album was recorded a few years ago and was never released for various reasons until now. Featuring a whole CD's worth of tunes that you will never hear again according to the band. This is a 10 track Limited Edition of 100 hand numbered vinyl CD's (made to look like an old record) in a Digipak complete with an A3 poster.
The brand new and proper debut Jesus Fix album provisionally entitled "Bring Me God" will be out in a couple of months. Album track list and further info here

Second up is the debut album proper from PCF or Punk Con Fusion, or all manner of other names but we will stick to PCF. Having self released and recorded their first effort - Drop Your Fish...And Watch It Fly, which is only available from the band, they recorded this at Rocket Fridge Studio and went for their live sound, the resulting noise is perfectly captured on "Waltz 'n' All" CD which comes with a double sided A3 poster for the first 100 and a badge for the first 50 orders.

This album is also available as a digital download with extra tracks and all the artwork - More Info

The Warriors - Never Forgive Never Forget is also available with extra tracks and all the artwork as a digtal download

Reviews of either album welcome

More kent punk at

7 Oct 2012

A Bunch Of Kents - Volume 4 - Podcast

And we make it to Volume 4 - thanks to everyone who downloaded the previous three, all of which are still available to download.
On this podcast we have two new Kent bands starting and finishing this one. The opener "I Hate Football" is possibly the best anti-football song ever written - get this recorded properly guys it's gonna be a classic. The closer "We Know Where You Live" is from Superstate which is the new project of ex members of Crimewave and a little different for them. There is also a touch of psychobilly on here as well with Hollywood Suicide and The Crewsy Fixers.
Other than that there is the usual mixture of demos, hard to get hold of tracks and unreleased stuff.

If anyone wants their band (old or new) included or a new track, something unheard, live demos or anything else on the podcast then get in touch.

Please download this and pass it on

Track Listing (demo / live tracks noted)
(Download link below or click post title)

1. Deano's Hose - I Hate Football (Demo)
2. Cho-Zen - Back Street Warrior
3. Warchrist - Fuck Em All (Demo)
4. Admit You're Shit - In My Eyes
5. Hofmann Sound - Nicked
6. Martin - As Good As It Gets
7. More Than Normal - Real World
8. Morgans Puff Adder - Ladys Man
9. The Griswalds - Orpingtons Most Retarded
10. The Accursed - Off Me Head
11. Armitage Shanks - Top International Celebrities
12. The Arnold - God Is Walking A Tightrope
13. The Crewsy Fixers - Flying Saucer Rock N Roll
14. Hollywood Suicide - Pretty Girls Do Sleep In Graves
15. Surgery Without Research - PAYE (Un-mastered track from forthcoming release)
16. Snide - Hard Work (Demo)
17. The Sedated - Take Him Away
18. Superstate - We Know Where You Live (Demo)


Another podcast coming soon - If you have any tracks you want included or got something to say about the Kent punk/alt scene in general then please get in contact.
If anyone has any better or alternative versions of any of the tracks here, then again contact us coz we would lke to feature them in the podcasts.

If you are Facebook inclined then come and join the Kent Punk Group

Thanks go to John Yardley for pointing me in the Crewsy Fixers direction, Dean Giff for Deano's Hose track. Saxby again for supplying a couple of the tracks and Spencer for the Warchrist track - and John again for the Hofmann track

CDs and Vinyl available form Urban Fallout

We currently stock the following bands: Naked, Liberty, The Warriors, Jesus Fix, SORB, Snide, Insane Society, Surgery Without Research, Arthur Kitchener, 7 Day Conspiracy, The Rivals, Anthrax

We are always after stock - old and new - get in touch.

9 Sep 2012

A Bunch Of Kents - Volume 3 - Podcast

Here is the third installment of A Bunch Of Kents - a bit shorter than the other two (here and here)but still about the length of your average set packed full of Kent bands old and new including tracks from the new Anthrax & Warriors albums, a track each from the upcoming albums by PCF and The Half Wits, a demo track from new boys Insult and a few other gems along the way including a Fightback rehearsal track.

If anyone wants their band (old or new) included or a new track, something unheard, live demos or anything else on the podcast then get in touch.
Especially after covers of other kent bands songs for a future podcast

Please download this and pass it on

Track Listing (demo / live tracks noted)
(Download link below or click post title)

1. Anthrax - Grin
2. Insult - Our Money Their War (Demo)
3. The Half Wits - Negative Thoughts (From Upcoming Album)
4. The Warriors - Budget Day Debate
5. Melchett - The Likes Of You And Me
6. Jester - This Job Is Killing Me
7. The Filthys - Got The Painters In (Demo)
8. Ted Dibiase & The Million Dollar punk Band - Stop Wasting My Fucking Taxes On Toilet Duck
9. Electric Sex Circus - Spanner Badge
10. PCF - Radio Rentals (Rough Mix From Upcoming Album)
11. X-Cretas - Take Your Politics Somewhere Else
12. Playground - Satisfied (Demo)
13. Fightback - No More Danger (Rehearsal)
14. Atavistic - You Too Can Be Mainstream
15. Man Hands - Untitled
16. Skrewloose - Fuck Em (Demo)
17. The Betty Swollox Band - Glutamate Junkies (Unreleased)


Another podcast coming soon - If you have any tracks you want included or got something to say about the Kent punk/alt scene in general then please get in contact.
If anyone has any better or alternative versions of any of the tracks here, then again contact us coz we would lke to feature them in the podcasts.

Thanks go to Saxby for supplying some of the tracks for this cast and John Wood (yes again) for the Fightback rehearsal

CDs and Vinyl available form Urban Fallout

We currently stock the following bands: Naked, Liberty, The Warriors, Jesus Fix, SORB, Snide, Insane Society, Surgery Without Research, Arthur Kitchener, 7 Day Conspiracy,

We are always after stock - old and new - get in touch.

19 Aug 2012

The Warriors "Never Forgive Never Forget" Review by Skitzo Joel

Ramsgates Got talent !!!! .

What I find is a real shame is that Thanet is such a poor place for live bands, there's a complete lack of venues or gigs in this area but the whole of Kent has so much going for it musicly. Its a real shame that bands always have to travel so far to find a good place to play and this new album from these lads say's it all to me on exactly what Kent has to offer.

I have to say great artwork on the album great cover and the inside sleeve nice bright and colourful realy eye catching, even on the disk it self.
So as a visual buy, 10 out of 10 straight away. Baseball bats and bowler hats always a winner in my book (Could be a new song title there).

This is a 15 Track album . The opening track has a great intro, old English kind of music, for the first song called "England" Great opening track, great sound, full of power, energy and aggression.
The album as a whole I think is realy very good. Great songs nice clear recording mixed to a very high standard. The Warriors as a band our getting better and better for sure, theres not one song on this album that I dont like.
And to be honest thats very rare for me to say, normaly just one or two songs I like off a new album but I can't fault this one in any way .
Great album lads from start to finish every track sounds great.
Nice and clear and easy to understand whats being sung, it's alright having power and sounding great as a band but if you cant tell whats actualy being sung, what's the point? Nice to get the meaning of songs so we can relate to them.
Songs that stand out to me on this album are track 3, "Suburban Shithole" and track 5, the title track of the album "Never Forgive Never Forget" are my favourite tracks both great songs that I will play all the time.
The album has tracks that I already know, like "Internet Bullies" and "We Are Not The Enemy" - also great tracks.
My total honest opinion for this album is that it's a must buy for any one who likes good music. I am Looking foward to the next one already !!!.
Keep up the good work .


You can get the Warriors new album on CD here
The vinyl is also available to order here (release date 27 aug)

Joels Radio Show is here

Wolfman Radio Show

And Skitzo are here

2 Aug 2012

Anthrax - All For The Cause - Review

I have been waiting for this album patiently since the Red Lion gig in Gravesend last year where a couple of new tracks were aired on the night and fitted in quite nicely next to the old familiar songs.

So here I was expecting an old school style Anthrax album and didnt get it.
When the plain envelope dropped thru the door i ripped it open and headed for the CD player only to be confronted by another envelope printed with a black and white image of the album cover and a neat anarchy A "grow your own" vegetable logo, nice, as was the lyric booklet and poster and the gatefold CD packaging inside the envelope - all very nice but would the noise on the CD stand up to the packaging.

"Sleeping Dogs" woke me up with a bite, then sneaked quite neatly into a semi skank with the guitars working together better than they ever have, adding somehing new to the old Anthrax groove.
A superb opening track, swiftly followed by "Monochrome Dreams" and still the guitars work beautifully together with the rhythm section providing a solid and sometimes funky backing that weave their way through the songs, this is shaping up to be a good album.
Then it's "One Last Drop" which almost gets very pop punk in places as do "Happy" and "Grin", both of which start off really poppy and drift quite nicely into the familiar onslaught and drift back again, held together superbly by Oskars voice which is given space to take control for a change and does quite nicely.
"What Does It Matter" hammers its way out of the speakers and assaults the ears old school style and wont dissapoint old school fans.
"Running On Empty" almost steps on Oi territory and pulls it off very well with its chant along chorus and almost Business like vocals in places.

And the rest of the album?
Go and get yourselves a copy because this deserves to be heard rather than written about. Whatever i can say wont do this album justice.

Anthrax have obviously worked on these songs and it shows, this is certainly no one dimensional album as many are these days and this is not a band trying to be like the band they were. Anthrax are being the band they want to be and this album oozes with that. Anyone expecting old school Anthrax from start to finish will be disappointed, this is something new and refreshing from an old school anarcho band.
Anthrax have certainly matured with age without losing their sound or their integrity.

Best thing they have ever done......quite possibly.

"Dance You Bastards Dance, You May Never Get Another Chance"

Welcome from the previously mentioned Red lion gig.

The Cd and Vinyl will be available from Anthrax on 27th August
We should be getting some for our store when it is released.

9 Jul 2012

The Rivals - First Ever Sessions CD review

The Rivals, First Ever Session 78 & Demos. 1977 Records (link)

Having had a very worn out tape of The Rivals for years, i was looking forward to getting this CD. The previous CD "If Only" puts together all the best known Rivals tracks and has been in my player for ages so was really excited when this dropped thru the letter box.

So what we have is a collection of twelve tracks which show The Rivals at their best and rawest. the first seven tracks compromise the Session 78 part of this CD compilation.
Two Of the tracks, live favourites Bastard Blues and American Faces are vastly different versions than appeared on "If Only". Paul singing Bastard Blues instead of Mark, with a sneering dont care attitude that epitomised what punk was all about. Superb.
The CD opens with Outward Bound and its long instrumental begining which was quite novel for a punk band at the time. Marks unique guitar style cutting thru most of the track and quite an excellent intro showing what good musicians The Rivals realy were
Waiting For The Dead was a title i didn't know but soon realised that it had a different title on the tape i had where it was called Good Friends. Next the aforementioned American Faces swiftly followed by Evil Place which i feel was missing from If Only.
Following Bastard Blues is Saturdays Anthem with its huge triple guitar onslaught at the begining and dual vocal throughout followed swiftly by Never Sixteen, teenage angst spread all over it.
The next 5 tracks are from the original demo tape the exceedingly rare Fatal Strips cassette. The track listing here is slightly misleading as track eleven is listed on the cover as Hideaway (the correct title) but listed on the CD as Happy Days (and listed on my tape as Just A Game).
The wonderfully childish Schooldays is on here complete with hilariously childish intro as is the equally childish Roll Over Mary Whitehouse.
Essential listening and nice to hear the tracks without the tape hiss, wow and flutter

I dont know if this CD is available in the Uk or even Europe - my copy came from Japan with a free Rivals badge of the front cover.

Bloody expensive for 32 minutes but a must have for any Rivals fans out there.

Note to The Rivals.
If there are any more unearthed Rivals gems you may want to get out there please dont opt for a Japan only release. Get in touch and im sure we can do something.

Live Rivals would be excellent

5 Jul 2012

First Record Label release

We have started a record label to help promote mainly Kent bands and help them get their noise out there by releasing CDs and at a later date vinyl onto the ears of the already bored public. Our first release is by one of  Herne Bays finest, The Warriors. Their new album "Never Forgive, Never Forget"  is a cracker and available to preorder at the website. Where you will find more info and other CDs of Kent bands. If you want your CD added - then get in touch