24 May 2011

Foreboding Ether – Beyond Conjecture. Pre-release review.

What was I expecting? Being as this isn't the style of music I listen to through choice I wasn't really expecting much - boring riffs, inane lyrics, “same as every other band logo”, sub standard guitarist playing as loud and as fast as they can and a vocalist that knows all of one range – groooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwl
So the sleeve shows the “same as every other band logo” but you can actually read what it says for a change. I thought “oh shit, here we go, I'm going to hate this”

“Fore20” hit my speakers and I sat up and paid attention – this wasn't what I was expecting, structured, melodic riffs, machine gun drums which build the song up quite nicely and then the vocals – grrrrrrrrrr – no. O.k some growl then another vocalist nicely pitched at a different range, one high, one low. F.E. have two vocalist for those that don't know and for what shouldn't work, actually does, rather well.

“Deadline” Massive riffage from the start and lyrics that seem to be about the troubles the band have been through to get where they have, so far. Breaking the mould - oh yes – to quote F.E in their own lyrics, “Feels better to write about something you care about, No-one can relate to a zombie invasion". I totally agree.

Having seen F.E live and various viewings of the track on YouTube, I was dying to hear what they had done to “Tuna Bhuna” and wasn't let down, it's more brutal now than its ever been. Remember children, its not about Tuna and its not about Bhuna and I will seriously need new speakers if I turn this up any louder.

“Conscious Altered” The duelling vocal comes into its own here, again over a massive riff that deserves to be heard LOUD and intelligent lyrics that deal with the realities of life, yes, I said intelligent lyrics, which seems to be something lacking in a lot of bands these days.

“House Of Cards” and “OD” -aaaarrrrrrrrrrgh my ears are starting to bleed – how much more of this can I take. Two more tracks obviously. This E.P gets better as it goes along. I'm not going to bore you with more breakdowns of tunes that need to be heard. So hassle the shit out of the band and get this out.

So this is supposed to be progressive death metal is it ? – what absolute bollocks – This is Beyond Conjecture, this is Foreboding Ether's new E.P and it sits quite nicely in it's own little niche thank you very much.
Call it what you want, but this debut CD is THE heaviest release I have heard from any Thanet band EVER – From the opening punishment of Fore20 to the fade on OD this E.P doesn't let up. Nearly 28 minutes of pure riffage that doesn't disappoint. Whether you are a fan of this style of music or not, I suggest that you give this a listen to see what can really be done with a bit of thought.
Get these fuckers on Download or Sonisphere – They deserve it.

Preorder the new CD here http://forebodingether.bigcartel.com/

17 May 2011

Margate's Hidden Youth Culture

Writer and former Margate resident Iain Aitch, is collecting and collating information, memories, stories, photos, memorabilia about youth culture in Margate entitled "Margate's Hidden Youth Culture" for an exhibition in Margate later in the year at the Turner Centre.
If you were a Skinhead, Mod, Scooterist, Punk, Rocker, Soul Boy, Biker, Casual, Bootboy or whatever and have a Facebook account,head over here https://www.facebook.com/margateyouthculture, like the page and add your memories to it. There is some good stuff already there but more is needed.
Share your history to make history.

8 Apr 2011

The Warriors - We Are Not The Enemy -EP

Kent Streetpunk band The Warriors have just released 3 brand new tracks on Reverbnation. They are - We Are Not The Enemy, Suburban Shithole and Internet Bullies.
All 3 tracks along with the "England" MP3 are available for $1.30, £0.79 or 90euro each dowloadable from The Warriors Revernation Page here or thru the player below where you can listen to all for tracks plus King Of The Rude Boys which is their tribute to the now sadly deceased Judge Dread.

Trivia note: Judge Dread collapsed and died onstage at the Penny Theatre in Canterbury on Friday 13th 1998 both Ska Shack DJ Toast & Warriors singer Saxby were witness to the passing of a legend.

On with the tunes: All 3 new tracks are excellent and Internet Bullies sounds like it could become a live favourite - give em all a listen and if you got the cash download em. All proceeds from this CD will go towards a Limited Edition 7 track CD which will only be available at gigs but we will have a couple to give away.

Don't forget They will be playing at the Bollox To The Wedding gig on 29th April at the Westcoast Bar in Marget

26 Feb 2011

Surgery Without Research - Woman Beater (Video)

Surgery Without Research - Woman Beater - Video made by Urban Fallout with images borrowed from the internet.
Stop Violence Against Women - An important message in a brutal song - Contains images and words that some may find upsetting or disturbing. You have been warned.

This track is available on the Factory Life 6 track CD -contact the band or Deathstill Records to obtain one dirt cheap

Another SWR track called Squaddie is available on our first Podcast - A Bunch Of Kents Vol 1 - Click here

15 Feb 2011

A Bunch Of Kents - Volume 2 - Podcast

So we made it to the second one. Again we have unreleased, rare and demo tracks from various Kent Punk / Alt bands. We have put some of the younger bands on this one as some of them are kicking up quite a storm and deserve to be heard by more people.
We have exclusive tracks from The Commited, The Filthy Stay Puft Marshmellow Men, The Warriors and The Half Wits and a track from an album released yesterday 14th Feb by The Anarchist Pogo Party - top stuff - If any Kent punk / alt band want a track on the next podcast please get in contact.

Please Download this and pass it on

Track Listing (demo / live tracks noted)
(Download link below or click post title)

1. Liberty - Diluted Rebellion
2. The Commited - Last Night Out (Demo)
3. The Slugs - Resist The Pressure (Demo)
4. The Half Wits - Misfits Anthem (Unreleased Demo)
5. Atavistic - Common Ground
6. Take Courage - Dear Hungry Heart
7. The Submission - Im Lazy
8. Loose Cannons - Irish Wrist Watch (Demo)
9. 7 Day Conspiracy - Waiting To Lose
10. The Warriors - Pay To Play (Unreleased)
11. The Filthy Stay Puft Marshmallow Men - How To Kill A Hooker (Unreleased)
12. Belinda Carbuncle - Son Of A Wanking Monk
13. Criminal Brainstorm - Lurex Lucy
14. Xcretas - Who Is Mad
15. Babies 3 - The Message
16. Monarch - Old Timer (Demo)
17. The Anarchist Pogo Party - Mass Debate


Another podcast coming soon - If you have any tracks you want included or got something to say about the Kent punk/alt scene in general then please get in contact.
If anyone has any better or alternative versions of any of the tracks here, then again contact us coz we would like to feature them in the podcasts.

Again a massive thanks to John Wood (Jesus Fix and others) Daz Champ (The Commited)
Jay Heasman (The Filthys) and all The Half Wits for being them and apologies for calling you The Nit Wits

8 Feb 2011

Anthrax - Welcome - The Red Lion Gravesend (Video)

Recorded live at The Red Lion, Gravesend on 29th January 2011.
Video and still taken by The Welsh Tart & put together by Urban Fallout.
All other images come from Anthrax MySpace

Welcome is the second track on One Last Drop CD single

This was the welcome return home to The Red Lion in Gravesend for Kent Anarcho band Anthrax after a triumphant night at The Winter Of Discontent.

This gig was also the last gig of reformed Sheerness band - The Commited who had played thier last gig before they originally split with Anthrax at this venue in 84/85 - see "Dictated Life " video for the first song they ever wrote played at the last show.

30 Jan 2011

The Commited - Dictated Life (Video)

The Commited - Dictated Life

Filmed at their last gig at Gravesend Red Lion on 29th January 2011 by The Welsh Tart.

Daz Champ from The Commited writes a bit about The Commited's recent history and also talks about Dictated life. (see below video)

The Commited – Recent History

The lyrics to “Dictated Life” were the first written by me. Although it’s a very basic structure, the words sum up the feeling of adolescent life at the end of the 70s. It’s about the lack of true choice in life (especially for the unemployed). Days of boredom watching crap telly; the rip-off prices of fags, booze & food; the need to steal (“liberate”) goods because dole money is so shit; getting nicked for trying to survive; standing before the pompous, well-off magistrate & being told you have to pay a fine, leading to a greater need to “liberate”; & the soul-destroying depression which can come from a long time being treated as a non-entity.

As all of the members had somehow survived, we decided to reform in the summer of 2009 for a one-off gig to mark the 30th anniversary of the recording of the “Fast Lane” EP (19th October 1979). We thought about maybe updating some of the lyrics to make them more relevant to the state of society today, but soon realised that the original words are as relevant today as they were when we first wrote them, so we left them alone. The response to that first reunion gig was so positive that we decided to do another. That led to another gig, then another, and then to the final one at The Red Lion, Gravesend on 29th January 2011 where we had last played in about 1984. Playing again with Anthrax was a fitting finale to our reunion and the other great highlight was supporting the UK Subs. We had followed the Subs since the late 70s & would never have believed then that a) they would one day play on the Isle of Sheppey or b) that we would support them.

A few weeks before the Red Lion gig, one of the band announced that he would be leaving the band after that gig. Life sometimes has a habit of getting in the way of things we really want to do so, as gutted as we all were, we accepted that this would be the final fling for the band.

I think I speak for the whole band when I say that each one of us really have had a great time over the last 18 months. It’s too soon to know what direction things will go now, but several ideas are about. Watch this space.

Keep the Faith & Keep on Rockin’

The Anarchists Pogo Party - I Can't Believe It's Not Rotten (UnOfficial Video)

The Anarchists Pogo Party - I Can't Believe It's Not Rotten

23 Jan 2011

A Bunch Of Kents - Volume 1 - Podcast

A Bunch Of Kents is the first in what will be an on-going series of podcasts from Urban Fallout featuring Punk/Alternative bands from Kent.
The first couple of podcasts will be music only and about the length of a good punk set - about 45 mins.
Later on we will be putting interviews in with the music as well as adverts for punk gigs in Kent. So if you got anything to say or want an audio advert get in touch.

Onto the music - if we stuck to decently recorded songs of Kent bands we would get to about volume 2 and run out, so we thought sod that, there is so much good punk / alt music in Kent that its a shame that a lot of it doesnt get heard, so we are going to change that.
You will find well recorded CD tracks along with dodgy bedroom tapes and just about listenable live recordings as these are the only things left of some of the best bands the world has never heard.
We tried to improve the quality a bit on some of them to make them more listenable, but you will find a fair amount of hiss on some of the tracks which have been ripped from Demo tapes and live recordings, we also have some extremely rare, unreleased and in some cases unheard music from the best and the worst bands - in other words A Bunch Of Kents

Track Listing (demo / live tracks noted)
(Download link below or click post title)

1. The Rivals - The Feeling Starts Here
2. Anthrax - Exploitation
3. Naked - Alien
4. All Flags Burn - Heart Of A Riot
5. S.O.R.B - Inside Out
6. Apunkalypse Now - Wasted (Unreleased Demo)
7. The Last resort - Cockleshell Heroes
8. Razor Sharp - Johnny Temple (Unreleased Demo)
9. Decades Of Pleasure - Creeping Paranoia (Unreleased Demo)
10. Curse In Vain - Klling Moon (Unreleased Demo)
11. Epidemic - Your Mistake (Demo)
12. Jesus Fix - Forever (Demo)
13. Crimewave - You Make My Piss Boil (Demo)
14. Surgery Without Research - Squaddie
15. Belinda Carbuncle - Kevs Unfortunate Encounter
16. The Twits - Liar Liar (Unreleased Demo)
17. Ignerents - Wrong Place, WrongTime
18. Wasteland - Leave Me Alone


Another podcast coming soon - If you have any tracks you want included or got something to say about the Kent punk/alt scene in general then please get in contact.
If anyone has any better or alternative versions of any of the tracks here, then again contact us coz we would lke to feature them in the podcasts.

Thanks for this cast go to: John Wood & Chris Hogg (Jesus Fix) and Nob (The Twits) who came up with the title for the podcast.

16 Jan 2011

All Flags Burn - Heart Of A Riot (video)

All Flags Burn - Heart Of A Riot
AFB from Sheppey featuring members and ex members of The Commited, Filthy Stay Puft Marshmallow Men, Betty Swollox and others.
We made this video for All Flags Burn because there was nothing even halfway reasonable on the web, apart from a live video shot by Librasnake.

All Flags Burn - Heart Of A Riot (H.O.A.R)

15 Jan 2011

Interview with Surgery Without Research - Link

Surgery Without Research have been interviewed at Punk Rock 77 Thru Today Blog - Check it out

Surgery Without Research next gig in Kent is here:

12 Jan 2011

Battle Of The Bands - Westcoast Bar - Margate

The Westcoast B.O.T.B. kicks off in the first week in February!
So get along there and support your favourites.
We will let you kinow which bands make it thru to the next round.
Voting conditions are set out below the dates.
Heres the weekly line-up:

Heat 1 – (feb 3)
Dark Theory
...I.R.I.S (In retrospect i see)
My Third Leg

Heat 2 – (feb 10)
Cry Wolf
Running With Scissors
Save Target As
Wild Child

Heat 3 (feb 17)
The Deccas
Third Place Victory
The Self Titled

Heat 4 (feb 24)
After The Enclave
We Become Heroes
Then The Wave Came

Heat 5 (mar 3)
Tyrannosaurus Alan
Upon These Shores
The Godless Reds
Far From Relative

Heat 6 (mar 10)
Foreboding Ether
Predicting the Fall

Heat 7 (mar 17)
Dethrone Exodus
The Unanswered
Angra Mainyu
Who Needs Optimism

Heat 8 (mar 24)
Four What It's Worth
The Kicks
Midnight Carnival
Transcending the Flesh

Heat 9 (mar 31)
The Sunshine Bus

Heat 10 (april 7)
A Thousand Lights

Semi-Final 1 - 9th April
Semi-Final 2 - 30th April
Play-Offs - 7th May
Finals - 28th May

Remember only paying customers can vote! Entry is £3 to all heat
semis, playoffs and finals are £4 entry.

1 VOTE per customer!
Voting takes place after the last band.
You have 10 mins to vote!
Then votes are counted and the winners announced.

The order of bands is selected at random on the night,
so make sure you get down early to see all the bands!

Tom / James / Jez / Eli - Westcoast

10 Jan 2011

Jesus Fix - Dark Ages

Slideshow video of flyers "borrowed" from Jesus Fix Myspace
Put together because we felt there wasn't enough JF out there and more was needed.
More on the mighty Jesus Fix in february and new merch on the website when it opens. In the meanwhile

Jesus Fix - Dark Ages (Video Slideshow)

4 Jan 2011

The Warriors - England

Streetpunk Band The Warriors have just released a new 7" Vinylon Randale Records called "England" . Its a split single with Booze And Glory who will be playing with The Warriors at The Gaff Club Holloway Road, London on 5th Feb - It is the release party for the singlw. Below is a video we made to go with the single. Original video was recorded at Bedford Esquires by PunkRockSal (youtube)

The Warriors - England

The Warriors are curently rehearsing tracks for a new album and have another split single out in March with Brutti E Ignoranti from Italy called "King Of The Rude Boys" - its a bit of a change for The Warriors as its a tribute to Judge Dread and will be backed with the brutal "Pay To play"

Punk / Alternative Gigs - Kent Bands

Sat 15th Jan - Tragic Millenium +Khthon + Embryon @ Club Q Ashford
Sat 22nd Jan - Anthax @The Winter Of Discontent - @ Gaff Club London
(3 Day Fest)
Sat 22nd Jan - All Flags Burn + Criminal Brainstorm + Filthys @The Castle Sheerness
(As support to Short Bus Window Lickers)
Sat 29th - Anthrax, Liberty, Commited, Condition Dead @ Red Lion Gravesend
Sat 5th Feb - The Warriors @ The Gaff
with Support from Booze & Glory (London) + Horroshow (Poland)
Sat 12 Feb - Surgery Without Research + Crimewave @Horse N Groom, Ramsgate
(Supporting Flatpig)
Sat 12th March - Surgery Without Research +more @Fiddlers Elbow Cambden
(Supporting Shag Nasty)
Sat 19th March - Surgery Without Research + more @ Bridgehouse 2
(Supporting English Dogs + Sick On The Bus)
Fri 29th April - Bollox To The Wedding @Horse N Groom Ramsgate (Bands TBC)
Confirmed Crimewave + SWR (get in touch if ya want to play this gig

More to come