31 Dec 2010

2011 And All That Bollocks

Cheers to everyone over the last week or so that this blog has been up and running, in this incarnation, that has reposted, facebooked or tweeted post from here. Cheers.

In 2011 we will be launching the website (Feb hopefully) selling T-shirts, CDs, Vinyl and badges among other things as well as doing merch deals for people in the Kent area. This does not mean that we will be ignoring the rest of the UK, it just means we will be concentrating our efforts in Kent.We will also be turning up to gigs with a distro if anyone is interested in having their merch sold for them.
Thats just the begining - More things to come including a special - Fuck The Royal Wedding Gig - more details on this later - e-mail us if interested in playing.

This blog has lots of excusives coming in 2011 including interviews, videos, mp3s and a lot more from bands such as Jesus Fix, All Flags Burn, Surgery Without Research, The Commited, Aurora, The Starfighters, The Warriors, Crimewave, These Murders and Haisley Snook among others.
So lets say goodbye to 2010 with these. (not all from 2010.)

From Sheerness
All Flags Burn - Fast Lane (a cover of The Commited)
Unfortunately this video has been removed

From Thanet
Crimewave - I Wont Vote (Recorded especially for the general election)

From Dover / Deal
The Submission - Revolution

From Canterbury
Belinda Carbuncle - Hold Your Own

From orpington
The Griswalds - She Ran Away

Thats all for 2010 - see ya in the next decade

30 Dec 2010

The Warriors + Booze & Glory + Horrorshow - The Gaff London

Kent band The Warriors headline a party night on the 5th February at The Gaff in Holloway Road in London. It is the official Release Party for their new split single release with Booze & Glory.
It is called "England" and is out now on Randale Records in Germany and will be available at the gig as well as from Randale Records.
The single is available in Red and Black vinyl and features 2 tracks from each band including a completely new one by The Warriors called "Predator".
Some of you may recognise "England", which Andy H wrote and recorded, originally with Surgery Without Research, before re-recorded a more up tempo version with The Warriors just before joining then permanently on lead guitar.
Also on the bill with their first English gig are Polish band Horrorshow.

Below is a video of England taken in Berlin at the Punk & Disorderly Festival before Andy joined The Warriors. This video features their old guitarist Dave Rowe.

29 Dec 2010

Hollywood Suicide - Fuck Right Off

From Kent and London - Hollywood Suicide were one of the best Psychobilly bands doing the rounds until recently. Their gigs were always good and in some quite obscure places too - one memorable one being in a cafe that was about 10 foot wide on the end of Margate pier. Pretty much playing to a wall for the set with audience members sctattered around the sides watching a quite energetic performance considering the space they had.
Their first and as far as im aware only CD album "Murder At The Prom" is a cracker and worth tracking down
The video below is from TJ's in Newport.

28 Dec 2010

Foreboding Ether - Tuna Bhuna

And now for something completely different. A bit of death metal in the shape of Foreboding Ether. Hailing from Thanet they have a new EP coming out in february and as a taster here is an unfinished demo from their forthcoming release

Listen to it here

And below is a live performance of "Tuna Bhuna" recorded at the Ivy Leaf in Sheerness for the Sound Of Violence tour

More from FE in the new year

24 Dec 2010

Anthrax - They Got It All Wrong

Formed in 1980, Anthrax were an anarcho punk band from Gravesend. After appearing on the infamous Crass Label's "Bullshit Detector vol 1" in 82 they released their first single "Capitalism Is Cannibalism" on the Crass Label later that year and followed it in 83 with "They've Got It All Wrong" on Small Wonder. After a few more compilation and tape releases, Anthrax split in 84.
Click Here for full discography
Members went on to Gillingham band X-Cretas and Antisect

Having just reformed Anthrax will be playing The Winter Of Discontent festival at the Gaff Club in London 0n 21st-23rd January
Details Here

Official website here

Photos thieved from UK82 and Official Anthrax

The Rivals - Rose Of England

First of a few posts today.
The Rivals were one of the best Kent Punk bands ever, who infamously turned down a support slot to The Clash and were denied a Top Of The Pops appearance with "Here Comes The Night" because of a technician strike and split up soon after.
This song was covered by The Last Resort on their debut album "Skinhead Anthems - A Way Of Life"
Band members later went on to play with The Thoughts/Naughty Thoughts, The Gems, Decades Of Pleasure, The Resort, Heavy Metal Outlaws, Anti Nowhere League, Brand New Heavies and Leftfield

Rose Of England was never released originally but is available on the "If Only" Cd
Bin Liner | RUBBISHCD 007
Record Collector Review Here

More on The Rivals when the website is up and running.

23 Dec 2010

Surgery Without Research - Like Winter

Surgery Without Research performing "Like Winter" at The Birds Nest in Deptford with Spencer on bass as Dean was ill and couldnt make the gig.

SWR have a superb new 6 track CD including the studio version of "Like Winter", which is out now, called "Factory Life" on Deathstill Records. You can get it cheap by messaging them on Myspace or Facebook

A short review of "Factory Life" can be found at Street Voice Zine

Video was shot by Librasnake

22 Dec 2010

Criminal Brainstorm - Aggrovator

Start with a video of Criminal Brainstorm who come from Sheppy with a live favourite called "Aggrovator". Noz and Big F are appropriately wearing other Kent band t shirts.
Welcome to Urban Fallout

New Urban Fallout

This blog is going to be part of the new Urban Fallout website, which when it opens next year will sell alternative t-shirts, badges, CDs and music / alternative culture related items and aims at helping to promote Kent punk/alternative/Rock music by giving bands and other artists a place to sell their merch as well.

Part of the money from the sales on the website will go towards helping to keep merch costs down for kent punk/alternative bands when they get their merch from us, as well as a cut to the bands whose merch we sell. Details of this and other deals will be on the website when it opens in the new year. Details later

This blog will act as a fanzine of sorts with the occasional podcast/ video /Mp3 download as well as posting updates on activities of kent punk/alternative bands with an emphasis on those whose merch we sell or who we like. We will also occasionally feature local independent artists, writers and other items of interest.

An Apology.
Apologies to those that followed us before the change in direction. This idea was thought about a long time before this blog originally came into being and i didn't think it would actually happen so used this blog to express alternative writing, art and music. I will still be doing this with the new venture, just in a different way - sort of a step sideways.

Thanks for paying attention.