30 Dec 2010

The Warriors + Booze & Glory + Horrorshow - The Gaff London

Kent band The Warriors headline a party night on the 5th February at The Gaff in Holloway Road in London. It is the official Release Party for their new split single release with Booze & Glory.
It is called "England" and is out now on Randale Records in Germany and will be available at the gig as well as from Randale Records.
The single is available in Red and Black vinyl and features 2 tracks from each band including a completely new one by The Warriors called "Predator".
Some of you may recognise "England", which Andy H wrote and recorded, originally with Surgery Without Research, before re-recorded a more up tempo version with The Warriors just before joining then permanently on lead guitar.
Also on the bill with their first English gig are Polish band Horrorshow.

Below is a video of England taken in Berlin at the Punk & Disorderly Festival before Andy joined The Warriors. This video features their old guitarist Dave Rowe.

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