26 Feb 2011

Surgery Without Research - Woman Beater (Video)

Surgery Without Research - Woman Beater - Video made by Urban Fallout with images borrowed from the internet.
Stop Violence Against Women - An important message in a brutal song - Contains images and words that some may find upsetting or disturbing. You have been warned.

This track is available on the Factory Life 6 track CD -contact the band or Deathstill Records to obtain one dirt cheap

Another SWR track called Squaddie is available on our first Podcast - A Bunch Of Kents Vol 1 - Click here

15 Feb 2011

A Bunch Of Kents - Volume 2 - Podcast

So we made it to the second one. Again we have unreleased, rare and demo tracks from various Kent Punk / Alt bands. We have put some of the younger bands on this one as some of them are kicking up quite a storm and deserve to be heard by more people.
We have exclusive tracks from The Commited, The Filthy Stay Puft Marshmellow Men, The Warriors and The Half Wits and a track from an album released yesterday 14th Feb by The Anarchist Pogo Party - top stuff - If any Kent punk / alt band want a track on the next podcast please get in contact.

Please Download this and pass it on

Track Listing (demo / live tracks noted)
(Download link below or click post title)

1. Liberty - Diluted Rebellion
2. The Commited - Last Night Out (Demo)
3. The Slugs - Resist The Pressure (Demo)
4. The Half Wits - Misfits Anthem (Unreleased Demo)
5. Atavistic - Common Ground
6. Take Courage - Dear Hungry Heart
7. The Submission - Im Lazy
8. Loose Cannons - Irish Wrist Watch (Demo)
9. 7 Day Conspiracy - Waiting To Lose
10. The Warriors - Pay To Play (Unreleased)
11. The Filthy Stay Puft Marshmallow Men - How To Kill A Hooker (Unreleased)
12. Belinda Carbuncle - Son Of A Wanking Monk
13. Criminal Brainstorm - Lurex Lucy
14. Xcretas - Who Is Mad
15. Babies 3 - The Message
16. Monarch - Old Timer (Demo)
17. The Anarchist Pogo Party - Mass Debate


Another podcast coming soon - If you have any tracks you want included or got something to say about the Kent punk/alt scene in general then please get in contact.
If anyone has any better or alternative versions of any of the tracks here, then again contact us coz we would like to feature them in the podcasts.

Again a massive thanks to John Wood (Jesus Fix and others) Daz Champ (The Commited)
Jay Heasman (The Filthys) and all The Half Wits for being them and apologies for calling you The Nit Wits

8 Feb 2011

Anthrax - Welcome - The Red Lion Gravesend (Video)

Recorded live at The Red Lion, Gravesend on 29th January 2011.
Video and still taken by The Welsh Tart & put together by Urban Fallout.
All other images come from Anthrax MySpace

Welcome is the second track on One Last Drop CD single

This was the welcome return home to The Red Lion in Gravesend for Kent Anarcho band Anthrax after a triumphant night at The Winter Of Discontent.

This gig was also the last gig of reformed Sheerness band - The Commited who had played thier last gig before they originally split with Anthrax at this venue in 84/85 - see "Dictated Life " video for the first song they ever wrote played at the last show.