23 Jan 2011

A Bunch Of Kents - Volume 1 - Podcast

A Bunch Of Kents is the first in what will be an on-going series of podcasts from Urban Fallout featuring Punk/Alternative bands from Kent.
The first couple of podcasts will be music only and about the length of a good punk set - about 45 mins.
Later on we will be putting interviews in with the music as well as adverts for punk gigs in Kent. So if you got anything to say or want an audio advert get in touch.

Onto the music - if we stuck to decently recorded songs of Kent bands we would get to about volume 2 and run out, so we thought sod that, there is so much good punk / alt music in Kent that its a shame that a lot of it doesnt get heard, so we are going to change that.
You will find well recorded CD tracks along with dodgy bedroom tapes and just about listenable live recordings as these are the only things left of some of the best bands the world has never heard.
We tried to improve the quality a bit on some of them to make them more listenable, but you will find a fair amount of hiss on some of the tracks which have been ripped from Demo tapes and live recordings, we also have some extremely rare, unreleased and in some cases unheard music from the best and the worst bands - in other words A Bunch Of Kents

Track Listing (demo / live tracks noted)
(Download link below or click post title)

1. The Rivals - The Feeling Starts Here
2. Anthrax - Exploitation
3. Naked - Alien
4. All Flags Burn - Heart Of A Riot
5. S.O.R.B - Inside Out
6. Apunkalypse Now - Wasted (Unreleased Demo)
7. The Last resort - Cockleshell Heroes
8. Razor Sharp - Johnny Temple (Unreleased Demo)
9. Decades Of Pleasure - Creeping Paranoia (Unreleased Demo)
10. Curse In Vain - Klling Moon (Unreleased Demo)
11. Epidemic - Your Mistake (Demo)
12. Jesus Fix - Forever (Demo)
13. Crimewave - You Make My Piss Boil (Demo)
14. Surgery Without Research - Squaddie
15. Belinda Carbuncle - Kevs Unfortunate Encounter
16. The Twits - Liar Liar (Unreleased Demo)
17. Ignerents - Wrong Place, WrongTime
18. Wasteland - Leave Me Alone


Another podcast coming soon - If you have any tracks you want included or got something to say about the Kent punk/alt scene in general then please get in contact.
If anyone has any better or alternative versions of any of the tracks here, then again contact us coz we would lke to feature them in the podcasts.

Thanks for this cast go to: John Wood & Chris Hogg (Jesus Fix) and Nob (The Twits) who came up with the title for the podcast.

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