12 Jan 2011

Battle Of The Bands - Westcoast Bar - Margate

The Westcoast B.O.T.B. kicks off in the first week in February!
So get along there and support your favourites.
We will let you kinow which bands make it thru to the next round.
Voting conditions are set out below the dates.
Heres the weekly line-up:

Heat 1 – (feb 3)
Dark Theory
...I.R.I.S (In retrospect i see)
My Third Leg

Heat 2 – (feb 10)
Cry Wolf
Running With Scissors
Save Target As
Wild Child

Heat 3 (feb 17)
The Deccas
Third Place Victory
The Self Titled

Heat 4 (feb 24)
After The Enclave
We Become Heroes
Then The Wave Came

Heat 5 (mar 3)
Tyrannosaurus Alan
Upon These Shores
The Godless Reds
Far From Relative

Heat 6 (mar 10)
Foreboding Ether
Predicting the Fall

Heat 7 (mar 17)
Dethrone Exodus
The Unanswered
Angra Mainyu
Who Needs Optimism

Heat 8 (mar 24)
Four What It's Worth
The Kicks
Midnight Carnival
Transcending the Flesh

Heat 9 (mar 31)
The Sunshine Bus

Heat 10 (april 7)
A Thousand Lights

Semi-Final 1 - 9th April
Semi-Final 2 - 30th April
Play-Offs - 7th May
Finals - 28th May

Remember only paying customers can vote! Entry is £3 to all heat
semis, playoffs and finals are £4 entry.

1 VOTE per customer!
Voting takes place after the last band.
You have 10 mins to vote!
Then votes are counted and the winners announced.

The order of bands is selected at random on the night,
so make sure you get down early to see all the bands!

Tom / James / Jez / Eli - Westcoast

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