22 Dec 2010

New Urban Fallout

This blog is going to be part of the new Urban Fallout website, which when it opens next year will sell alternative t-shirts, badges, CDs and music / alternative culture related items and aims at helping to promote Kent punk/alternative/Rock music by giving bands and other artists a place to sell their merch as well.

Part of the money from the sales on the website will go towards helping to keep merch costs down for kent punk/alternative bands when they get their merch from us, as well as a cut to the bands whose merch we sell. Details of this and other deals will be on the website when it opens in the new year. Details later

This blog will act as a fanzine of sorts with the occasional podcast/ video /Mp3 download as well as posting updates on activities of kent punk/alternative bands with an emphasis on those whose merch we sell or who we like. We will also occasionally feature local independent artists, writers and other items of interest.

An Apology.
Apologies to those that followed us before the change in direction. This idea was thought about a long time before this blog originally came into being and i didn't think it would actually happen so used this blog to express alternative writing, art and music. I will still be doing this with the new venture, just in a different way - sort of a step sideways.

Thanks for paying attention.

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