24 May 2011

Foreboding Ether – Beyond Conjecture. Pre-release review.

What was I expecting? Being as this isn't the style of music I listen to through choice I wasn't really expecting much - boring riffs, inane lyrics, “same as every other band logo”, sub standard guitarist playing as loud and as fast as they can and a vocalist that knows all of one range – groooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwl
So the sleeve shows the “same as every other band logo” but you can actually read what it says for a change. I thought “oh shit, here we go, I'm going to hate this”

“Fore20” hit my speakers and I sat up and paid attention – this wasn't what I was expecting, structured, melodic riffs, machine gun drums which build the song up quite nicely and then the vocals – grrrrrrrrrr – no. O.k some growl then another vocalist nicely pitched at a different range, one high, one low. F.E. have two vocalist for those that don't know and for what shouldn't work, actually does, rather well.

“Deadline” Massive riffage from the start and lyrics that seem to be about the troubles the band have been through to get where they have, so far. Breaking the mould - oh yes – to quote F.E in their own lyrics, “Feels better to write about something you care about, No-one can relate to a zombie invasion". I totally agree.

Having seen F.E live and various viewings of the track on YouTube, I was dying to hear what they had done to “Tuna Bhuna” and wasn't let down, it's more brutal now than its ever been. Remember children, its not about Tuna and its not about Bhuna and I will seriously need new speakers if I turn this up any louder.

“Conscious Altered” The duelling vocal comes into its own here, again over a massive riff that deserves to be heard LOUD and intelligent lyrics that deal with the realities of life, yes, I said intelligent lyrics, which seems to be something lacking in a lot of bands these days.

“House Of Cards” and “OD” -aaaarrrrrrrrrrgh my ears are starting to bleed – how much more of this can I take. Two more tracks obviously. This E.P gets better as it goes along. I'm not going to bore you with more breakdowns of tunes that need to be heard. So hassle the shit out of the band and get this out.

So this is supposed to be progressive death metal is it ? – what absolute bollocks – This is Beyond Conjecture, this is Foreboding Ether's new E.P and it sits quite nicely in it's own little niche thank you very much.
Call it what you want, but this debut CD is THE heaviest release I have heard from any Thanet band EVER – From the opening punishment of Fore20 to the fade on OD this E.P doesn't let up. Nearly 28 minutes of pure riffage that doesn't disappoint. Whether you are a fan of this style of music or not, I suggest that you give this a listen to see what can really be done with a bit of thought.
Get these fuckers on Download or Sonisphere – They deserve it.

Preorder the new CD here http://forebodingether.bigcartel.com/

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