7 Oct 2012

A Bunch Of Kents - Volume 4 - Podcast

And we make it to Volume 4 - thanks to everyone who downloaded the previous three, all of which are still available to download.
On this podcast we have two new Kent bands starting and finishing this one. The opener "I Hate Football" is possibly the best anti-football song ever written - get this recorded properly guys it's gonna be a classic. The closer "We Know Where You Live" is from Superstate which is the new project of ex members of Crimewave and a little different for them. There is also a touch of psychobilly on here as well with Hollywood Suicide and The Crewsy Fixers.
Other than that there is the usual mixture of demos, hard to get hold of tracks and unreleased stuff.

If anyone wants their band (old or new) included or a new track, something unheard, live demos or anything else on the podcast then get in touch.

Please download this and pass it on

Track Listing (demo / live tracks noted)
(Download link below or click post title)

1. Deano's Hose - I Hate Football (Demo)
2. Cho-Zen - Back Street Warrior
3. Warchrist - Fuck Em All (Demo)
4. Admit You're Shit - In My Eyes
5. Hofmann Sound - Nicked
6. Martin - As Good As It Gets
7. More Than Normal - Real World
8. Morgans Puff Adder - Ladys Man
9. The Griswalds - Orpingtons Most Retarded
10. The Accursed - Off Me Head
11. Armitage Shanks - Top International Celebrities
12. The Arnold - God Is Walking A Tightrope
13. The Crewsy Fixers - Flying Saucer Rock N Roll
14. Hollywood Suicide - Pretty Girls Do Sleep In Graves
15. Surgery Without Research - PAYE (Un-mastered track from forthcoming release)
16. Snide - Hard Work (Demo)
17. The Sedated - Take Him Away
18. Superstate - We Know Where You Live (Demo)


Another podcast coming soon - If you have any tracks you want included or got something to say about the Kent punk/alt scene in general then please get in contact.
If anyone has any better or alternative versions of any of the tracks here, then again contact us coz we would lke to feature them in the podcasts.

If you are Facebook inclined then come and join the Kent Punk Group

Thanks go to John Yardley for pointing me in the Crewsy Fixers direction, Dean Giff for Deano's Hose track. Saxby again for supplying a couple of the tracks and Spencer for the Warchrist track - and John again for the Hofmann track

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