27 Dec 2012

A Bunch Of Covers Volume 1 - Podcast

As we hurtle past the Apocalypse that never happened into 2013 we here at the Fallout shelter thought what better way to end the year than with another Podcast. This one is full of cover versions by Kent bands of other bands, not neccesarily from Kent but a fair few are.

2012 was a pretty good year for Kent punk bands with The Half Wits managing to get out of Kent with a little jaunt over to France as support to The Gonads, fronted by Gary Bushell of The Sun fame.
Ted Dibiase & The Million Dollar Punk Band, Insult, Deano's Hose, Criminal Brainstorm, Surgery Without Research, among others also made it out of Kent some only as far as London but the Kent invasion has begun.

The new Surgery Without Research CD "Vengeance" has just been released along with the new one from Insane Society "Farcebook" . The Warriors, The Last Resort, Anthrax, PCF, Jesus Fix have all released excellent albums this year - some of them reviewed on this blog.
Most of them available at the  URBAN FALLOUT website
Both The Warriors and The Last Resort got to support Rancid on their tour and in The Warriors case CockSparrer as well - nice one.
It has been quite a good year with some top notch punk being put on all over the county and Kent punk being spread over the country.

So what about 2013 for the Kent Punk scene
With albums being threatened by  The Half Wits, Insult, Jesus Fix and Ted Dibiase who have made it onto next years Another Winter Of Discontent at the Boston Arms, 2013 is already looking good. So come on 2013 lets fucking ave it, lets get more bands out of Kent lets get more people into what we love, drag someone along to a gig, hijack their iPods and fill em with punk, play punk at your friends when they come to your house, teach them to play an instrument - lets make 2012 the start of the apunkcalypse and make 2013 wonder what hit it.

Bunch Of Covers Podcast Vol 1

This will probably be the only podcast of covers unless anyone can supply any other covers by kent bands.
There are quite a few unreleased demo's and live tracks here as live is usually the only time you can hear a band play a cover. In the case of Decades Of Pleasure, I have the master recording of this live cover version and there is a tape dip in the middle, it had to be ripped or lost forever.


1. Last Resort - Lest We Forget
2. The Warriors - Eight Pound A Week
3. The Half Wits - John Fila (Live)
4. The Chozen - King Of The Jungle
5. Decades Of Pleasure - Newtown (Live)
6. Tragic Millenium - She's Lost Control (Demo)
7. Jester - Ain't No feeble Bastard
8. WarCrime - When You Are A Martian Church
9. Surgery Without Research - The Model
10. Anarchist Pogo Party - Help
11. The Rivals - Here Comes The Night (Alternative Version)
12. Criminal Brainstorm - This Perfect Day (Demo)
13. Insane Society - Born To Be Wild (Demo)
14. SORB - Tube Disasters
15. Crimewave - Escape (Demo)
16. Insult - Knowledge (Live)
17. Armitage Shanks - Times Up


Thanks to everyone at the Kent Punk Facebook Group  

Downloads, CD's, Vinyl available at URBAN FALLOUT

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  1. heres another cover from criminal brainstorm https://soundcloud.com/aggrovator/public-image we hope you enjoy it. nice one urban fallout x Aggy