19 Aug 2012

The Warriors "Never Forgive Never Forget" Review by Skitzo Joel

Ramsgates Got talent !!!! .

What I find is a real shame is that Thanet is such a poor place for live bands, there's a complete lack of venues or gigs in this area but the whole of Kent has so much going for it musicly. Its a real shame that bands always have to travel so far to find a good place to play and this new album from these lads say's it all to me on exactly what Kent has to offer.

I have to say great artwork on the album great cover and the inside sleeve nice bright and colourful realy eye catching, even on the disk it self.
So as a visual buy, 10 out of 10 straight away. Baseball bats and bowler hats always a winner in my book (Could be a new song title there).

This is a 15 Track album . The opening track has a great intro, old English kind of music, for the first song called "England" Great opening track, great sound, full of power, energy and aggression.
The album as a whole I think is realy very good. Great songs nice clear recording mixed to a very high standard. The Warriors as a band our getting better and better for sure, theres not one song on this album that I dont like.
And to be honest thats very rare for me to say, normaly just one or two songs I like off a new album but I can't fault this one in any way .
Great album lads from start to finish every track sounds great.
Nice and clear and easy to understand whats being sung, it's alright having power and sounding great as a band but if you cant tell whats actualy being sung, what's the point? Nice to get the meaning of songs so we can relate to them.
Songs that stand out to me on this album are track 3, "Suburban Shithole" and track 5, the title track of the album "Never Forgive Never Forget" are my favourite tracks both great songs that I will play all the time.
The album has tracks that I already know, like "Internet Bullies" and "We Are Not The Enemy" - also great tracks.
My total honest opinion for this album is that it's a must buy for any one who likes good music. I am Looking foward to the next one already !!!.
Keep up the good work .


You can get the Warriors new album on CD here
The vinyl is also available to order here (release date 27 aug)

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