4 Apr 2013

SUPERSTATE - Pig Society - video

SUPERSTATE are a reasonably new band from Kent who have actually been around a for a year or so creating a set of songs from scratch and recording them for release before ever having done a gig.
By not sticking to the drum, bass, guitar, vocal style of punk rock that we have been accustomed too and allowing the occaisional sample to add to the mix, Superstate have got a rather different sound for a Kent band which might not translate very well live but we have been informed that live gigs will be happening later in the year
Their first release is a 4 track download containing 4 tracks Six Fifty, Superhate, Pig Society and a dub / dance sort of remix of Six Fifty which they have charmingly named The Bunch Of Cunts mix.
The download for all for tracks is available at Bandcamp  or Mediafire

 Some of you may recognise the video below as it was first used with a different version of this track by Warcrime who released that as a video and one other track on a Rudimentary Peni tribute album ( available here ) before changing their name to SUPERSTATE.

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